The Golden City

San Francisco isn’t my favorite city in the world (Disclaimer: I don’t mean it in a bad way!!), but I love it all its little quirks. The colorful houses, undulating hills that sometimes feel like mountains when you walk up them, the morning fog. Watching the fog roll out of the bay from my Aunt’s window, with a huge mug of black tea in my hands, is a favorite ritual of mine. And the fact that it’s in California, of course. You can take me out of California, but you’ll never take the California out of me. I’m a walking cliche. I’m sorry.

Anyhoo, here are some pictures from the several days I spent there with family. These stays almost always consist of walks around the neighborhood punctuated by delicious food.


Homemade breakfasts ft. crepes, pancakes, fruit, and tea.

Eat. Walk. Eat. Repeat.


Cute alleyway staircases (that are (in)frequently the site of morning death-by-stair runs):

Plus a delicious and huge salad thanks to Barney’s Burgers across the bay (to balance the aforementioned stair workouts):


Barney’s is technically not in San Francisco, but it might as well be, since I make it over there every time I’m here. And yes, I know, salad at Barney’s is sacrilege. But I made up for it in my consumption of curly fries.


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